"Thanks for such good shows on Saturday.. It seems to go down better each year. Always a pleasure to work with you."
Ian Maclay - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (general manager)

"If Michael shows up at a venue near you... if you have to pawn your silver to buy a ticket, do it!"
Lynda Trapnell - Musical Stages Magazine, UK

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DIARY (2017)

January 13th: Private event
January 20th: Disney film 'Mary Poppins Returns' prerecords, British Grove studios
January 25th: 'Woodford Singers' coaching session
January 28th & 29th: 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' film sessions, Abbey Rd studios
February 4th (am): Memorial service, Actors church, Covent Garden
February 4th (pm): 'Babs' tv biopic session, Angel Studios
February 5th: 'Land of Glory' video game session, Abbey rd studios
February 11th: Valentine's concert with Shona Lindsay , Folkingham, Lincs 7.30pm
February 18th: 'Life' film session, Air studios
February 20th: Skyfall..Adele Australia tour backing track session, Church studios
February 21st: Demo session, Metropolis studios
March 3rd: 'Guardians of the Galaxy 2' film session
March 18th: 'Captain Underpants' film sessions, Abbey rd studios
March 18th: Vera Lynn 100th birthday BBC 2 , 9pm TV documentary
March 18th: 'Stan & Ollie' film session, AirEdel studios
March 20th: interview with Blair Jacobs (Andy Comfort show), BBC Radio Humberside 95.9 FM
March 23rd: 'Melody' film session, Angel studios
March 26th: 'The Nightingale' film session, Air Lyndhurst studios
March 27th: 'Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi' trailer session, Angel studios
April 28th: Private event, Watford
April 30th: 'So Let Us Melt' Video game session, Air Lyndhurst studios
May 4th: 'Music & the Holocaust' , China Exchange, London
May 5th: 'Star Wars Battlefront 2' video game session, Abbey rd studios
May 12th: 'Spider man' Sony PlayStation video game, Air Lyndhurst studios
May 16th: 'King Cyrus' suite session, Henry Wood Hall
May 18th: Jingle session with Matthew Strachan for 'Twitstorm' play, Park theatre
May 21st: Private event
May 22nd: 'Ubisoft' video game trailer + 'L'Hypothese de la Reine Rouge' & 'Follow' short films with LSO, Abbey rd studios
June 7th: Session with Beau, Angel studios
June 12th: In Cabaret at 'The Pheasantry', Kings Rd, Chelsea, London. https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/michael-dore-the-songs-that-got-away Tel: 020 7439 4962
June 21st: 'World of Warcraft' video game sessions, Air Lyndhurst studios
June 28th & 29th /July 1st & 2nd: Concerts with Adele, Wembley Stadium
July 7th: Imperial College, London. Private event
July 10th: Era V11 session, Air Lyndhurst
July 12th: Scott Walker/ Mark Warman - project recording sessions for Balletboyz at Sadlers Wells, Kore studios
July 19th: 'The Death & Life of John F. Donovan' film sessions, Air Lyndhurst Studios
July 30: 'Thor: Ragnarok' film sessions, Abbey rd studios
July 31 to August 4th: Compass fm Ross Carrick's guest on 'Sofa Songs' http://www.compassfm.co.uk/on-air/
September 1st: Leaves Eyes session, Angel
September 12th: 'Thor..Ragnarok' film session, Abbey rd studios
September 17th: 'Paddington 2' film session, Air Lyndhurst studios
September 19th: Demo sessions with David Cullen, Marylebone studios
September 20th: 'Harwood' film sessions, Air Lyndhurst studios
September 22nd: 'Isle of Dogs' film session, Air Lyndhurst studios
September 25th & 26th: 'All Star Musicals' (ITV) , London Palladium
September 28th & 29th: Blizzard game sessions
September 30th: Jonathan Rathbone birthday concert
October 12th: Judging Performing Arts Competition, Queenswood School, London
October 15th: 'Red Sparrow' film sessions, Air Lyndhurst
October 16th & 17th: Tomb Raider Suite' sessions, Abbey rd studios
November 3rd: 'Spiderman' soundtrack session, Angel studios
November 9th: Russell Brower music session, Air Lyndhurst studios
November 24th: Royal Variety Performance, London Palladium
December 4th: Blizzard video game sessions, Air Lyndhurst studios
December 9th: 'Jurassics' franchise promo session , Abbey Road Studios
December 13-17: Christmas concerts, Dubai, UAE
December 18th: Christmas Cabaret, The Pheasantry, Kings Rd , Chelsea, London https://www.pizzaexpresslive.com/whats-on/michael-dore-at-christmas Tel: 020 7439 4962
December 25th: 'Dame Vera Lynn: Happy 100th birthday' BBC 2 tv documentary
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